Fast And Furious 8 Budget, Screen Count And Box Office Prediction

Fast And Furious 8 Budget, Screen Count And Box Office Prediction

Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson starrer Fast & Furious 8 (The fate of the furious) was released yesterday in India. The movie has been simultaneously released in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. Being the last part of famous Fast And Furious franchise, the expectations are huge from the movie. Fast And Furious is the most famous and successful Hollywood franchise in India. Fast & Furious 7 which released two years ago collected 112 crores in India. It was the first Hollywood movie to cross 100 crores mark in India. Let’s have a look at Fast And Furious 8 budget, screen count and box office prediction.

Fast And Furious 8 Screen Count

Fast and Furious 8 has been released on around 1700 screens in India. The screen count is less than Furious 7 which was released in 2015. Furious 7 was released on around 2200 screens. The main reason being the 2K projectors. All Hollywood movies in India can release only on DCI-compliant 2K projectors. Still, this is a good screen count for a Hollywood release in India.

Fast And Furious 8 Budget

Fast & Furious 8 is made on a budget of $250 million. It is the most expensive film of the Fast And Furious franchise. The last release of the franchise, Furious 7 which was made on a budget of $190 million earned $1.561 billion. In India, Furious 8 needs to earn around 60 crores to be called a hit at the box office.

Fast And Furious 8 Prediction (India and Worldwide)


Fast & Furious 7 which released two years ago had an opening day of 12 Crore and is one of the highest grossing movies of Hollywood movie in India. Trade experts believe that Furious 8 won’t be able to match the box office collection of Furious 7. The reason being that Furious 7 had massive buzz and hype because of Paul Walker’s death.  Paul was the main lead of the franchise and he died in a violent car crash in November 2013 when the shooting of Furious 7 was in progress.

We don’t agree with the trade experts. ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise has a huge fan following in India. Furious 8 is the most awaited movie of the year and audience is dying to see the last part of the series. This can be judged by the fact that the movie earned 6.1 crores on Wednesday in paid previews.

As per our prediction, Fast And Furious 8 will be a super hit at Indian Box Office. It will take a double digit opening on Thursday. Talking about the lifetime collections, we are quite assured that it will cross 100 crores in India.


Talking about the worldwide prediction, the movie is expected to earn $110 million in North America and $370+ million globally. The last part of the series, Furious 7 had a record-breaking opening worldwide. It collected $147.2 million domestically and $397 million globally.


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