Box Office Prediction: Raabta, Behen Hogi Teri And The Mummy

Raabta, Behen Hogi Teri And The Mummy Box Office Prediction

This Friday is going to be big for moviegoers as they have good choices with two Bollywood movies, Raabta, Behen Hogi Teri along with Hollywood biggie The Mummy. While the buzz surrounding Behen Hogi Teri is low it could emerge as one of the sleeper hits of 2017. Raabta is expected to take a decent opening. The Mummy has not been promoted in India and it remains to be seen, how well it will perform. Let’s have a look at Raabta, Behen Hogi Teri and The Mummy box office prediction.

Raabta Box Office Prediction

Raabta Starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon is the biggest of these releases and is expected to get the most number of screens. The trailer of the movie has received mixed reviews from probably because of the confused plot.

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From the promos, Raabta looks like a story based on reincarnation. The movie based on this theme had a huge fan following in 90’s but with time the sensibilities have changed and the film on reincarnation may not appeal to the audience. The only plus point for the film is the music. Most of the songs have been loved by the music lovers. The movie is releasing on around 2000 screens. Raabta is carrying a decent buzz and should get a 6 to 7 crores opening.

The box office fate of Raabta will depend on the audience WOM and critic reviews. The movie has been made on a budget of around 58 crores and it needs to perform exceptionally well to emerge as a profitable venture for its makers.

Behen Hogi Teri Box Office Prediction

Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan starrer Behen Hogi Teri is a low budget film. Such type of films relies on word of mouth of the audience. The movie is expected to take a low opening in the range of 1.5 to 2 crores. As mentioned if the movie manages to impress the audience, it could emerge as one of the sleeper hits of 2017.

The Mummy Box Office Prediction

The Mummy franchise has a big fan following in India and when you add Tom Cruise name to it things get even bigger. The Mummy stars Tom Cruise in lead role, while Sofia Boutella is playing the antagonist here. Though not promoted heavily in India, The Mummy is expected to make it big especially in high-end metros and multiplexes.

The movie is releasing on around 1000 screens and we are expecting it to open in the range of 5 to 6 crores. Hollywood movies have been performing exceptionally well in India and The Mummy is expected to carry on this trend.


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